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Fitness goals for 2020

In late December each year, while I sit on the couch and finish off the vestiges of Christmas baking and stocking candy, I like to make a list of my fitness goals for the upcoming year. Some of my goals are carry-overs from the previous year. I know for some of you, that makes your eye twitch. It used to do the same to me, but I finally accepted that everything fitness related comes to me slowly, so as long as I'm working toward the goal I'm allowed a carry-over. For instance, I set a goal two years ago to be able to do ten pull-ups. I recently met that goal (although that tenth pull has been the subject of much debate-you can render your own judgment of "rep" or "no rep" here).

Here are my goals for 2020:

1. Carry-over: one strict handstand push-up. I haven’t actually tested these in a while because of a shoulder issue, so who knows-maybe I have one.

2. Complete a Spartan double trifecta. Last year my friend and I completed a Savage race and a Spartan trifecta (a sprint, super and beast). This year we are hoping to do a double trifecta (six races total).

3. To be able to complete even one obstacle that requires vertical grip strength. Vertical grip gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Not sure what I’m referencing? Here’s a video.

4. Carry over: PR my deadlift (currently 205 for the past THREE YEARS). This annoys me to no end. I'm not scared of this lift, but maybe there is some kind of mental block because I CANNOT get 210 off the ground. And I tested it at least four times this past year.

5. Weightlifting goals: Strict press: 75#, 115 OH, 125# clean, 165# back squat (not a PR but I need to get back to the old PR), 145# front squat (same, not PR but trying to get back to old PR). Some of these I might be able to do quickly, and if so, I'll adjust and make a new goal.

6. Hold a handstand for ten seconds.

7. Aesthetic goals: build a booty, build some biceps, strengthen core-this one isn’t really aesthetic, but abdominal muscles should be a result! Here are some before and afters. The before pictures were taken 6 months after I had my second child. I gained the most with that pregnancy (about 35 pounds) and was also actively drinking at the time the picture was taken. The after pictures were taken at some point this past summer (2019). The amazing facial expressions are free of charge.

8. Yoga once a week. This one is hard for me. I love the benefits of yoga, I hate the intense amount of time it takes compared to the lower caloric burn compared to another activity.

That's it for me currently. I usually end up changing the list mid-year if I've met goals and think I can do more. What are your 2020 fitness goals?

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